Alison Cerutti

Alison Cerutti


Alison is known as the Woolly Mammoth. Why? When you see him, you realize he could possibly play Tight End or Linebacker in the NFL. He is an absolute monster on the net, punishing opponents with both his block and attack. For years he played with top defender, Emanuel Rego, and even won Silver at the 2012 London Olympics. With Emanuel now retired, his new partner, Bruno Oscar Schmidt, is without a doubt the worlds best defensive player. Together they won the 2015 World Championships and secured their Olympic berth long before many of their peers. With their dominant play and being the home crowd favorites in Rio, they are expected to take Gold this summer. Many are expecting Alison and Bruno to be facing off against Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena in the Gold Medal championship match.

Height: 6′ 8″
Hometown: Vitoria
Birth Date: December 7, 1985
FIVB Titles: 22
Current Partner: Bruno Oscar Schmidt


Best Blocker - 2011, 2015
Best Hitter - 2011, 2012
1st Place World Championships - 2011, 2015
2012 Olympic Silver Medalist